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Model 300/2 Dual Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas NDIR Analyzer

VIG Model 300/2 Dual Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas NDIR Analyzer

The VIG Industries, Inc. Model 300/2 is designed to measure a two gasses (or three with oxygen option). The Model 300/2 optical bench consists of the IR source, sample cell, and patent pending detector. The source control circuit provides a controlled current square wave to the infrared source. No mechanical chopper is used so there are no moving parts in the Model 300/2 optical bench which require adjustment or can wear out. Infrared energy from the source passes through the sample where energy at specific wavelengths is absorbed by the sample. The closed sample path eliminates interfering absorption from ambient air. The energy not absorbed in the sample cell reaches the detector which is sensitive to the wavelengths attenuated by the gas of interest. The patent pending Model 300/2 detector consists of two chambers in optical series with a very sensitive transducer to measure the relative energy absorbed by each chamber. The primary difference between the Model 300/2 detector and other NDIR detectors is that these two signals from the primary and secondary chamber are balanced. The balancing process greatly improves the sensitivity and selectivity for the gas of interest.

The top line of the vacuum fluorescent display continually monitors the concentration of the gas of interest in the selected units, as well as the zero and span values during calibration. The bottom line displays chart recorder range, linear or non-linear mode, and response time. Any error or alarm condition will alternate with this information until acknowledged by the operator. Operating parameters are established by way of the four buttons on the Model 300/2 keyboard. The setup button is used to define settings such as calibration gas concentration, sample cell flush time, automatic calibration intervals, chart recorder ranges (1-4), and high and low level alarms. The mode button is used to select active chart recorder range, response time, linear and non-linear units, activate the audible alarm, adjust display brightness, and initiate manual zero and span calibrations. The arrow are used to make changes in values or selection of desired parameters in the setup and mode functions. In the event of a power failure, battery backup retains all settings.


  • Process control
  • Stack gas monitoring
  • Continuous emission monitoring
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Environmental gas analysis
  • Heat treating
  • Natural gas plants
  • Utility plants
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Coke oven analysis
  • Carburization Processes
  • Monitoring of: boilers, incinerators, furnaces
  • Vehicle Emissions


  • No range switching or over range conditions
  • Digital signal permits microprocessor linearization for increased accuracy
  • Optional oxygen channel
  • Optional NEMA rated enclosures
  • Measurement of one of the following selected gasses:
    • Methane CH4
    • Propane C3H8
    • Carbon Monoxide CO
    • Carbon Dioxide CO2
    • Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
    • Sulfur Dioxide SO2
    • Nitrous Oxides NOX

Standard Specifications


Analysis Method

NDIR Single Beam

Gas Measured

User Selectable

Measuring Range

User Selectable


0.1% of Full Scale


0.1% of Full Scale


0.1% of Full Scale


0.1% of Full Scale

Response Time

at 1, 10 or 100


Vacuum Fluorescent, 2 Lines of 16 Alphanumeric Characters


High & Low Limit, User Selectable

Analog Output

Selectable 0-1, 5, 10Volts, Optional Isolated 4-20mA Loop

Analog Ranges

4, Each With Adjustable Full Scale. Selectable Auto Range

Front Panel

Four Button Interface, Using Display Menus


0-1, 5, 10Volts, Selectable

AC Output

Isolated Triac Control for Zero & Upscale Gas Values.
Rated Maximum Load: 0.6Amp, 240VAC

Operating Requirements



115/220Vac, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption


Sample Flow

.2 to 2.0 Liters/Minute

Sample Temperature

-10 to +50 Degrees C.


Sample Should be Dust Free


(Dew Point Below Outlet Temp. of Analyzer)


Inlet Gas not to Exceed 5PSIG

Exhaust Gas

Non-Restrictive Outlet Aperture/Hoses

Zero Gas

Typically Nitrogen

Upscale Calibration Gas

Gas of Interest in Nitrogen

Warm Up Time

Useable in 30 Minutes. Optimum Operation in 2 Hours

Ambient Conditions

Operating -10 to 50 Degrees C.
Storage -10 to 80 Degrees C.


22"L x 18"W x 5.25"H


22 LBS


All instruments sold by VIG Industries, Inc., are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship. VIG warrants that the product supplied conforms to the specifications assigned thereto. There is no other warranty either implied or expressed. Seller liability is limited specifically to the cost or assigned value of the items sold.

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